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Spring Water - Still

Aberfoyle Bottled Water

Aberfoyle Description:

Balance Still Still
Carbonation A


Aberfoyle Analysis:

100 Calcium
68 Chloride
240 Hydrogeniccarbonate
37 Magnesium
0.2 Nitrate
2 Potassium
33 Sodium
61 Sulphates
0.11 Zinc
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  Canada
Region:  Ontario
Place Name:  Wellington County
Web Site: 

Our natural Spring Water that is bottled right at the source, from a natural spring originating deep within our 125 acre parcel of protected land in Ontario. Recognised for its exceptional purity and taste, our pristine water results from travelling through miles of sand and rock formations, and it contains only 380ppm dissolved minerals.

Secondly, we ensure that our water gets to you in the best possible manner by triple-filtering it down to a 0.2-micron filtration level, the lowest level in North America. For comparison, the beer industry only filters their water down to a 1 micron level! In addition, our process constantly monitors production parameters using an on-line ozone analyzer, which has been recognized as producing Canada's best tasting spring water.