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Spring Water - Still/Sparkling

Badoit Bottled Water

Badoit Description:

Carbonation A


Badoit Analysis:

1200 TDS
6 ph factor
190 Calcium
40 Chloride
1 Fluordine
1300 Hydrogeniccarbonate
85 Magnesium
10 Potassium
35 Silica
150 Sodium
40 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

For more details see: Minerals and Mineral Water & Sparkling Water

Country of Origin:  France
Region:  Massif Central
Place Name:  St. Galmier
Web Site: 

One of the finest mineral waters, Badoit is a light natural sparkling mineral water. The gourmet’s mineral water, seen on the tables of most restaurants in France as an accompaniment to good food and wine.

As Badoit water pushes its way up from a deep water table through a 500-metre fissure in the local granite, it surfaces with a light natural sparkle and a measure of sodium bicarbonate and fluoride, having a lightening effect on even the richest meal.

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Founded in 1990 the "Spring Water Company" has a large portfolio and a true passion for fine bottled water.