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Spring Water - Still/Sparkling

Apollinaris Bottled Water

Apollinaris Description:

Balance Still Still
Classic Classic
Carbonation A


Apollinaris Analysis:

2650 TDS
100 Calcium
100 Chloride
1810 Hydrogeniccarbonate
130 Magnesium
20 Potassium
410 Sodium
80 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

For more details see: Minerals and Mineral Water & Sparkling Water

Country of Origin:  Germany
Region:  Eifel Region
Place Name:  Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, RP
Established:  1892
Web Site: 

The "Queen of Table Waters". Rain water seeps through the various layers of earth, picking up minerals and dissolving and filtering them. The longer the water travels - and this can take centuries - determines it's purity. In addition, ground composition determines which minerals and trace elements enrich the water.

Apollinaris originates in a site which has different layers of rock and volcanic occlusions: the Eifel. This unspoilt landscape allows the water to penetrate into the deepest layers of the earth. Natural carbonic acid collects from the volcanic rock stratum. This facilitates especially the absorbtion of many minerals.

These ideal conditions provided by nature in the Eifel explain the high level of purity and the balanced mineral content of Apollinaris.

Where to Buy Apollinaris:

Buy Apollinaris - netherlands Spring Water Company (Europe)
Buy Apollinaris - netherlands

Founded in 1990 the "Spring Water Company" has a large portfolio and a true passion for fine bottled water.

Food Recommendations
Classic waters are the workhorse of the food and water matching endeavors. Their mouthfeel matches many dishes perfectly, which makes them a safe bet for water food pairings. Perfect with appetizers and crispy/crunchy food.

Drink Recommendations
Not the perfect water for mixing drinks. It's high TDS (mineral content) is best enjoyed pure. We love Apollinaris as a Champagne or Sparkling Wine replacement if you don't want to drink alcohol - maybe even in a Champagne glass.

The “Apollinaris Edition Glass” has been specially designed by Riedel for enjoying Apollinaris.

Apollonaris Edition GlassBoth the chefs’ association “Jeunes Restaurateurs d´ Europe Deutschland” (Young Restaurateurs of Europe – Germany) and the “Deutsche Wein- und Sommelierschule” (German Wine and Sommelier School) were actively involved in the development from the outset. The primary criteria were and are functionality, design, recognizability and compatibility with renowned wine glass series.

Even water tastes better when drunk from the right glass!”, says Georg Riedel, whose company with its outstanding market position produces the “Apollinaris Edition Glass”.

Apollinaris - 100% Source C arbonic with High Mineral Content

The vintner Georg Kreuzberg bought a vineyard in 1852 at an auction and wondered why the wine would not grow on his property. Through test drilling he found out that the natural carbon dioxide from a subterranean natural spring prevented the wine from growing: the Apollinaris spring had been discovered.

During the following decade founder Kreuzberg and Dr. Gustav Bischof, Professor from Bonn and "Geheimer Bergrat", invested a great amount of time and effort researching the spring area of Neuenahr and the Apollinaris spring formed into a well.

Apollinaris is sparkling mineral water with 100% source carbonic acid which means no artificial CO2 is added to the water. Due to the volcanic activity in the Eifel the water here is particularly rich in minerals, as the magma continuously gives off carbon dioxide. This combines with the water and increases the solubility of minerals.

Sales soon increased and Georg Kreuzberg also leased the Heppinger mineral spring with its high magnesium content. Later on this spring was taken over by the company and is today known via "Heppinger Sport" and "Heppinger Extra" natural mineral water.

The depth and yield of the spring, the walled well and the natural hardness of the accumulated stone prevents any change to the mineralisation of the water or the well drying up.

Even the Romans valued the spring water of the Eifel, which was considered a luxury drink, and delivered it in clay jugs throughout their Empire. In the beginning Apollinaris was also filled in the famous earthen jars. Only since 1900, when the industrial production of glass bottles evolved was natural mineral water in bottles available and affordable for a wider part of the population.

After Kreuzberg had set up a factory for filling the mineral water, he began a business which after just two decades was selling almost 2 million clay jars of Apollinaris mineral water per annum.

In Great Britain products of outstanding quality got awarded with a red triangle. In 1892 Apollinaris received this award and later on the red triangle got registered as the Apollinaris trademark.

Apollinaris became very popular throughout Europe and the United States as an elegant and sophisticated addition to the various elaborate rituals surrounding multi-course meals, often serving as a means of cleansing one’s palate between courses, or mediating the effects of large amounts of wine.