Bottled Water of the World

A Connoisseur's Guide to the World of Premium Bottled Waters
By Michael Mascha

Reviews 100 of the world’s best-loved bottled water brands, their sources, composition, flavors, and historical backgrounds, along with expert analysis and full-color photos throughout.

ISBN 9781624545989 | US $ 24.95



Bottled water of India

Genie is out of the bottle. Indeed, the bottled water industry is one of the most thriving sectors in India. The market is growing at a whopping rate of about 55 per cent annually and is expected to cross Rs. 1000-crore mark within the next couple of years.

Almost all major national and international brands have taken a plunge. Parle's Bisleri that virtually monopolised the bottled water market is now vying with Nestle, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Manikchand, UB and Britannia. According to a national-level study, there are close to 200 bottled water brands in India. Nearly 80 per cent of these are local brands.

There are arounf 150 domestic Indian Bottled Water Brands:

  Name Balance Minerality Orientation C Virginality Vintage
Extended Information Available Mulshi Springs   Low Hint of Sweet A  
  Alfa Blue Still     A    
  Atlas Premium Still     A    
  Bailley Still     A    
  Bisleri Not Rated     A    
  Cool Valley Still     A    
  Dew Drops Still     A    
  Dislaren Still     A    
  Golden Eagle Still     A    
  Golden Valley Still     A    
  Hello Still     A    
  Himalayan Still     A    
  Just Born Spring Drops Still     A    
  Kenbar Still     A    
  Maqua 2000 Still     A    
  Nakshatra Still     A    
  Nestlé Pure Life Still     A    
  Pristine Still     A    
  Pure Lifekare Still     A    
  Raindrops Still     A    
  Silver Springs Aqua Still     A    
  Spaa Aqua Still     A    
  Sprint Up Still     A