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Spring Water - Sparkling

Sanfaustino Bottled Water

Sanfaustino Description:

Balance Effervescent
Carbonation A


Sanfaustino Analysis:

Temp. at source: 58°F (14.4°C)
1207 TDS
6.10 ph factor
414 Calcium
221 Chloride
1762 Conductivity
0.2 Fluordine
1244 Hydrogeniccarbonate
17.2 Magnesium
3.8 Nitrate
2.5 Potassium
15.2 Silica
17.4 Sodium
0.9 Stroncium
90 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  Italy
Region:  Umbria
Place Name:  Villa Sanfaustino
Web Site: 

The expression "mineral water" has by now been established to indicate waters with therapeutic properties coming from

NATURAL SPRINGS. Sanfaustino water, among the natural acidulous bicarbonate calcic mineral waters, is one of the most balanced and equally mineralized. The notable qualities of free carbon dioxide, along with the association of the other components including magnesium and lithium salts, assure it one of the top positions among the best existingItalian Mineral Waters. As it is a tasty table water it is also excellent and curative. Sanfaustino has specific therapeutic qualities , which have been acknowledged and controlled by the best doctors and clinicians of every historic period.