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Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

Spring Water - Still/Sparkling

Vytautas Bottled Water

Vytautas Description:

Balance Still Still
Light Light
Virginality Virginality
Minerality Very High
Orientation Acidic
Hardness Very Hard
Carbonation A


Vytautas Analysis:

7200 TDS
534 Calcium
3437 Chloride
315 Hydrogeniccarbonate
254 Magnesium
0.2 Nitrate
1600 Sodium
990 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  Lithuania
Region:  Suvalkija
Place Name:  Birstonas
Established:  1924
Company:  UAB ir Ko
Web Site:
phone:  +370 319 65 625
fax:  +370 319 65 625

Vytautas (pronounced: VEE – tau – tuss) is a very high mineral content water emerging from a spring on the outskirts of the town of Birstonas, Lithuania. The source is located in a natural sanctuary of 25 000 hectares of land, protected by the republic and recognized as a national treasure of unspoiled natural habitat.

The spring in Birstonas was first mentioned in the chronicles of the Teutonic Knights in 1382 as a “homestead at salty water”. By the mid-nineteenth century, after patients of various ailments were successfully treated by drinking the mineral water, a resort was established in the town of Birstonas. People came to the resort and word spread regarding the waters curative abilities. In 1924, carbonation was added to the mineral water and it was bottled and sold for wide scale consumption. All that was needed was a name and legend was able to provide one.

Legend stated that the Grand Duke ‘Vytautas The Great’, who along with his soldiers, occasionally drank from the spring to recover from the toll of battle. Their speedy recover to full health made it a favorite for Vytautas and his men. He ordered that the water be made available for his men at all his castles. Hence the Grand Dukes name ‘Vytautas’ lives on and a brand in his name was launched.

Today Vytautas is Lithuania’s most recognized and cherished brand of mineral water.