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Mineral Water - Sparkling

Borsec Bottled Water

Borsec Description:

Balance Effervescent
Carbonation A


Borsec Analysis:

1402 TDS
6.45 ph factor
66 Hardness
310 Calcium
3.63 Carbondioxide
29 Chloride
1800 Hydrogeniccarbonate
0.02 Iron
97 Magnesium
12 Potassium
53 Sodium
24 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  Romania
Region:  Harghita County
Place Name:  Borsec SPA
Web Site: 

The fame of the mineral waters of Borsec dates back to the 16th century. Documents from this epoch prove that the mineral water from Borsec was transported by carts in wooden casks to the royal court in Alba Iulia in the year 1594. Owing to the curative effect and empirical experience the mineral waters from Borsec were bottled in sealed pitchers which were then put into sacks and were transported on horseback to Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia and Hungary beginning in the 18th century.

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