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Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

Spring Water - Still

Voda Voda Bottled Water

Voda Voda Description:

Balance Still Still
Virginality Virginality
Minerality Medium
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Very Hard
Carbonation A
Vintage 7,700 years


Voda Voda Analysis:

383 TDS
7.23 ph factor
77.7 Calcium
8.8 Chloride
0.5 Fluordine
390 Hydrogeniccarbonate
15.8 Magnesium
3.1 Potassium
37.0 Sodium
15.2 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  Serbia
Region:  Kolubara
Place Name:  Vrujci Spa
Established:  2004
Company:  Arteska Int. Company
Web Site:
phone:  +381 24 626 600
fax:  +381 24 626 619
Voda Voda

A medium mineral content water with nice levels of bicarbonates from a source, long associated with healing waters, in a very modern plastic bottle not out of place in an epicurean setting.

Voda Voda is the natural spring water from the Vrujci Spa, which has been famous since the end of the XIX century. The Vrujci Spa is in the north-western part of Serbia, at the northern base of the Suvobor mountains in the Toplica River valley.

The water emerging from the spring comes from a depth of 896ft, and it is naturally filtered through lime-stone layers. Its original state of the water is preserved by bottling it directly from the spring, without additional treatments and chemical processes. The water is carbon dated to 7. 700 ± 150 years.