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Spring Water

Castle Springs Bottled Water

Castle Springs Description:

Carbonation A


Country of Origin:  USA
Region:  New Hampshire
Place Name:  Moultonborough
Web Site: 
Castle Springs

Unlike bottled waters from municipal sources or from wells of questionable quality, Castle Springs does not require additional purification procedures. That’s because we own the entire watershed, providing complete environmental protection of our natural spring water. It’s consistently proven at the source to be free of contaminants, herbicides, pesticides – not even a trace of 150 common organic compounds found in some surface waters.

Our pure spring water is scientifically tested to ensure the finest quality. Our water is salt-free, with an exceptionally low level of 1.6 parts per million! Our Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are only 16 parts per million, among the lowest levels available in the world!. Analyses of Castle Springs water were conducted for more than 150 compounds and no organic compounds were detected in Castle Springs, even at trace levels!