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Crazy Water Bottled Water

Crazy Water Description:

Carbonation A


Crazy Water Analysis:

2763 TDS
8.2 ph factor
171 Hardness
32 Calcium
72 Chloride
0.04 Copper
0.5 Fluordine
758 Hydrogeniccarbonate
0.12 Iron
0.17 Lithium
0.009 Maganese
19 Magnesium
5 Potassium
15 Silica
904 Sodium
1170 Sulphates
0.5 Zinc
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  USA
Region:  Texas
Place Name:  Mineral Wells
Established:  1914
Company:  Famous Mineral Water Company
Web Site:
phone:  940 325 8870
fax:  940 325 2807
Crazy Water
Crazy Water is drawn from the land laid Brazos River sands in Mineral Wells, Texas. Starting millions of years ago the sands were spread out on an almost flat-laying ancient coastal plain, and in places were assorted by winds. Scattered over the sandy plain were small ponds and lakes that in drying up left deposits of sulphates, chlorides, and carbonates. Later the sand and lake deposits were buried deeply beneath thick layers of clay. The overlying clay, and in the places the sand, were impregnated with minerals left from the evaporated waters.

Ground water that enters the sand bed at the outcrop slowly migrates through the ancient sand and clay collecting the minerals to create Crazy Water’s very unique mineral combinations. The different level of mineral content found in our Crazy Water No.3 and 4 comes from the depth from which the well is drilled thus giving each well water its’ unique combination of natural trace minerals. Crazy Water No.2 is created by blending No.3 with water purified from the No.3 well thus giving consumers a lighter tasting, lower content mineral water choice.

The waters of Mineral Wells, TX have been making folks feel good inside and out since 1881. The legend goes like this: In late 1881, a women who suffered from dementia would sit by the well all day drinking the mineral water. People slowly began to notice that the crazy old lady was not so crazy anymore. Had the water from the well alleviated the lady’s “crazies”? The water became known as the “Crazy Water” and thousands of people from all over the country flocked to this acclaimed well, including a man named Ed Dismuke. Mr. Dismuke was told by his doctor that there was no remedy for his ailing stomach. But Mr. Dismuke began drinking the “crazy waters” and before he knew it, he was restored to health. In 1904, Mr. Dismuke founded the Famous Mineral Water Company, selling and distributing the mineral water. Now, more than 100 years later, people are still drinking Crazy Water for its rich mineral content created by mother nature.

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The History of Famous Mineral Water

It all began over a century ago when a druggist from Waco, Texas Ed Dismuke at the age of 40 was given a death sentence from his doctors.  Being the state-of-the-art apothecary, he refused to believe this and began a search for a cure.

He headed northwest about 100 miles to an acclaimed health resort town tucked away in the beautiful Palo Pinto Mountains.  In the town of Mineral Wells, the pharmacist went on a drinking binge of mineral water and his ailments disappeared.  He quickly sold  his 25 year old pharmacy in Waco and moved lock, stock and ambition to Mineral Wells. 

 It was in 1904 that Ed Dismuke founded the Famous Mineral Water Company establishing himself as one of the town’s premier purveyors of the health-giving elixir.  The Famous Pavilion was built in 1914, complete with a game parlor and a fortune telling booth. 

Dismuke’s timing was perfect.  Mineral Wells already had a worldwide reputation for its “Crazy Water” after curing a woman suffering from a nervous condition drank from a mineral well in the late 1800’s.  Health seekers from all over the globe flooded to this tiny mountain community by the thousands every year.  Mineral Wells, from the 1900’s to the 1950’s, was known to be the premier Spa Resort Town in Southern United States.  People came to drink and bathe in the healing mineral waters.

The legacy of making mineral water products and serving it up by the glass continued when his wife Ida Mae Dismuke sold the Famous Mineral Water Co. to J.C. Causey in 1958.  The daughter of J.C. Causey now lives in Canton, Texas and gives testimony to the healthful relief the people who flocked to the Mineral Wells drinking the “Famous” waters received.

Mr. Causey sold the company to Doyle Gill in 1979 and he operated it until 1981 when he sold it Freddie and Sis Newsome.  The Newsome family distributed the waters for 4 years and then they sold the Famous Mineral Water Co. to A.D. and Susan Stone.  In August of 1985, the Stone family donated the Famous Mineral Water Co. to the Palo Pinto Historical Foundation.

On April 29, 1988, H.F. and Charles Hickey extensively restored and renovated the Famous Mineral Water Pavilion. The Hickey family successfully operated the company for approximately five years under lease from the Foundation.

On April 15, 1994, the Famous Mineral Water Company was leased from the Palo Pinto Historical Foundation by Zephyr Water Company and operated by Sherry Holland.

The Historical Foundation sold the Property to the present owners, Bill and Helen Arneson and Carol and Scott Elder on October 1, 1999. 

Now celebrating over 100 years of service to the area, loyal patrons continue to purchase bottles of the original mineral, deep well mineral, and reverse osmosis waters. Some customers bring their own containers and have them filled inside the original Famous Pavilion.

The Famous Mineral Water Company is the sole remaining namesake of Mineral Wells.