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Spring Water - Still

Seawright Springs Bottled Water

Seawright Springs Description:

Balance Still Still
Minerality Medium
Orientation Hint of Sweet
Hardness Hard


Seawright Springs Analysis:

Temp. at source: 59°F (15.0°C)
300 TDS
7.34 ph factor
180 Hardness
70 Calcium
4.2 Chloride
0.067 Fluordine
32 Magnesium
2.5 Nitrate
2.4 Potassium
1.3 Sodium
5.9 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

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Country of Origin:  USA
Region:  Virginia
Place Name:  Augusta County
Established:  1741
Web Site: 
Seawright Springs

Seawright Springs is located in Augusta County, Virginia on 145 acres of protected woodlands, surrounded by National Forest. The spring surfaces in a clear, circular pool from a depth of 1000ft.

The spring flows at over one million gallons per day at a constant temperature of 59° F year-round. The water is never processed, treated or altered in any way.

A 1906 image of the spring.

The History of Seawright Springs
Seawright Springs is a very special spring that was flowing when America was only a dream. Early explorers of Virginia learned from the Native Americans about a spring of water, which they called “good health water,” located in a secluded valley among the hills. It was considered “great medicine for the sick” because it was well known for its healing qualities. It is said, the Native Americans would carry their sick during hunting season for miles to bathe in its waters. They camped near the spring, drinking the water and bathing for hours at a time in the circular pool, which was deep, clear and mild in temperature. They claimed the water was different from any other in the region because the Great Spirit had put “great medicine” into it.

In 1741 and 1742, King George II of England deeded by land grant 800 acres and “The Good Health Spring” to a young man John Seawright. The deed was signed at Williamsburg, capital of the Virginia Colony, and the spring has since been known by the Seawright name.

In 1890 Colonel E.L. Edmonson, of Staunton, Virginia, purchased the spring property and operated a bottled water business until about 1909. On June 28, 1909, a large hotel was opened on the property. Sadly, the hotel burned to the ground less than one month later on July 17, probably at the hands of an arsonist. The hotel was never rebuilt, but the swimming pool remained, and water continued to be bottled from the spring and sold. In 1920 the spring was sold to Seawright Mineral Springs, Inc., and in 1926 became the Seawright Spring Corp., which it remained until 1948. Prior to the Depression, Seawright Spring Water was widely distributed to such places as Washington, DC, Newport News, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Cleveland, St. Petersburg, Chicago, Tucson, and Los Angeles. In 1948 Mr. John Houff purchased the property and operated the business until he sold it to Baker Seawright Corporation in 1965. The current owner, Seawright Holdings, Inc. purchased the operation in 2003.