Bottled Water of the World

A Connoisseur's Guide to the World of Premium Bottled Waters
By Michael Mascha

Reviews 100 of the world’s best-loved bottled water brands, their sources, composition, flavors, and historical backgrounds, along with expert analysis and full-color photos throughout.

ISBN 9781624545989 | US $ 24.95



US American Bottled Water

In Europe beginning in the late seventeen hundreds, it became fashionable to visit the natural mineral springs to either drink of the "healthful" waters or to bathe in them. The wealthy promoted and gathered at these "watering places" or spas which catered to their needs and their pocketbooks. Spas were also becoming popular in the New World, and as early as 1767, the waters of Jackson's Spa in Boston were bottled and sold to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for its therapeutic miracles. About 1800, the waters of a mineral spring near Albany, NY were bottled commercially, and in 1820, the first Saratoga Springs bottled water was sold. The bottling of natural mineral waters peaked in the late 1800's, and by 1900 was being phased out by the increasing use of "Soda Waters".

Today there are more then 100 US Bottled Waters available domesticaly:

  Name Balance Minerality Orientation C Virginality Vintage
Extended Information Available Beverly Hills 9OH2O Still Medium Hint of Sweet    
Extended Information Available Bling H2O   Low Hint of Sweet A  
Extended Information Available Clear Alaskan Glacial Still Low Alkaline    
Extended Information Available Hawaiian Springs Water Still Low Hint of Sweet N  
Extended Information Available Kona Deep Still Low Acidic    
Extended Information Available Summit Spring   Super Low Acidic A  
Extended Information Available Waiākea   Low Hint of Sweet   30 days
Extended Information Available deVine Water Still Low Acidic    
  3 Springs       A    
  AVO2       A    
  Absopure Not Rated     A    
  Adobe Springs       A    
  Alaska Chill       A    
  Alaska Glacier Cap Not Rated     A    
  Alhambra       A    
  American Summits Still Medium Alkaline A  
  Appalachian Springs       A    
  AquOforce       A    
  Aquamantra Still Low Hint of Sweet A    
  Arbutus       A    
  Arrowhead       A    
  Aspen Pure Not Rated     A    
  Avita       A    
  Belmont Springs       A    
  Big Bear Mountain       A    
  Big Indian       A    
  Bikers' Coolant       A    
  Bottled Water Imported to USA            
  Calistoga       A    
  Carolina Mountain Spring Water       A    
  Carolina Mountain Water       A    
  Castle Rock Still Soft Hint of Sweet   100 years
  Castle Springs       A    
  Catskill Mountains       A    
  Cherokee Bottled Water       A    
  Cool Luc       A    
  Crazy Water       A    
  Crystal Geyser (Benton)       A    
  Crystal Geyser (Mt. Shasta)       A    
  Crystal Geyser (Olancha Peak)       A    
  Crystal Springs       A    
  Dannon Spring Water       A    
  Dasani       A    
  Deep Rock Not Rated     A    
  Deer Park (Maryland)       A    
  Deja Blue Not Rated     A    
  Diamond Rock       A    
  Diamond Spring Water       A    
  Dog Water       A    
  EARTH2O       A    
  Eldorado Artesian Spring Water       A    
  English Mountain       A    
  FLOâ„¢ First Liquid Obsession Still Low Neutral A    
  Famous Deep Well Mineral Water Not Rated     A    
  Fountainhead       A    
  Georgia Mountain Water       A    
  Giant Springs       A    
  Glacier       A    
  Grand Springs       A    
  Great Bear       A    
  H2only       A    
  HD2O       A    
  Hawaii Water       A    
  Hetchy Mountain Water Not Rated     A    
  Hidden Spring       A    
  Hinckley Springs Not Rated     A    
  ICE WATERS       A    
  Ice Mountain       A    
  Keeper Springs       A    
  Kentwood Springs Not Rated     A    
  Laure Pristine       A    
  Le Bleu Still Super Low Neutral    
  Life O2 Still     A    
  Loon Country       A    
  McKenzie Mist       A    
  Montana       A    
  Mountain Forest       A    
  Mountain Valley Spring Not Rated     A    
  Mt. McKinley Clear       A    
  Naturally Boulder Not Rated     A    
  New York Springs Still Super Low Hint of Sweet      
  Noah's       A    
  Oasis       A    
  Oregon Rain Still Super Low Neutral A   very young
  Ozarka       A    
  Palomar Mountain       A    
  Penta H2O       A    
  Pet Pure       A    
  Pine Barrens       A    
  Poland Spring       A    
  Pristine Spring with Fluoride       A    
  Pure Pride       A    
  Purley Sedona       A    
  Purple Parrot       A    
  Quibell       A    
  Saratoga Springs Not Rated     A    
  Seawright Springs Still Medium Hint of Sweet      
  Sierra Springs       A    
  Silver Creek       A    
  Snow Valley       A    
  Sparkletts       A    
  St Antonio       A    
  StoneClear Springs Not Rated     A    
  Thunder MTN Not Rated     A    
  Thundr Rock       A    
  Trinity Not Rated     A    
  Vermont Pure       A    
  Walnut Grove Still Medium Neutral A 15.000
  Wasatch Icewater Not Rated     A    
  West Virginia's Pride of The Mountains       A    
  Wissahickon       A    
  Zephyrhills       A    
  hiOsilver Oxygen Water       A