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Artesian Water - Still/Sparkling

Ty Nant Bottled Water

Ty Nant Description:

Balance Still Still
Classic Classic
Minerality Low
Orientation Neutral
Hardness Moderately Hard
Carbonation A


Ty Nant Analysis:

165 TDS
6.8 ph factor
22 Calcium
14 Chloride
0.15 Fluordine
116 Hydrogeniccarbonate
ND Iron
11.5 Magnesium
0.1 Nitrate
1 Potassium
22 Sodium
4 Sulphates
milligrams per liter (mg/l)

For more details see: Minerals and Mineral Water & Sparkling Water

Country of Origin:  United Kingdom
Region:  Welsh
Place Name:  Bethania
Web Site: 
Ty Nant

Tynant is a completely natural mineral water abstracted directly from an aquifer consisting of metamorphic mudstones, siltstones and sandstones of Silurian age (approximately 450,000,000 years old.) The water's chemistry is monitored daily . The land has been managed to organic principals for the last 10 years. The quality of the water is maintained by protecting the integrity of the source and the production process, in a factory designed to have as low an environmental impact as possible.

Where to Buy Ty Nant:

Buy Ty Nant - netherlands Spring Water Company (Europe)
Buy Ty Nant - netherlands

Founded in 1990 the "Spring Water Company" has a large portfolio and a true passion for fine bottled water.

Food Recommendations
Big, loud bubbles and a FineWaters Balance | Bold require food with a crisp or a lot of texture to stand up to the water. Ty Nant would be perfect for a crispy deep fried soft-shell crab in the context of an appetizer, or a hearty deep fried chicken. Contrasting the bold mouthfeel of the water with a dish of subtler textures could also reveal interesting epicurean delights.

How is Ty Nant pronounced?
Tee Nant (short a as in ant)

What does Tau mean?
Ancient Welsh for to be silent

How much C02 is there in SparklingTy Nant?
3.1 bar - FineWaters Balance | Bold

History of Ty Nant
Amongst the mysteries of human powers is the art of water divination. Drawn by an unseen force, the water diviner can locate exactly the source of vast amounts of underground water. In this way an eminent local water diviner, invited to source water for domestic use on farmland surrounding the small hamlet of Bethania, discovered in 1976 a powerful spring, the source of what has become a cause celebre in Welsh rural development.

Acting on the diviner's instruction, a borehole was sunk through one hundred feet of rock and upon tasting the water, the diviner declared it to be the purest he had ever tasted. Subsequent stringent analysis confirmed the water's naturally pure, well balanced composition, ideal for drinking. Having broken all the rules in 1989 when

Ty Nant took the market by storm with the cobalt-blue glass bottle, 2001 saw Ty Nant once again bringing design leadership and visionary form to the soft drinks market, with the bold launch of the ground-breaking PET bottle.