Certified Water Sommelier

Certification Date: October 26, 2018
Certification Issued: Fine Water ACADEMY
Certified by: Michael Mascha & Martin Riese
Certificate 2018-1001

I am a Certified Tea Sommerlier since 2016. During my studies with the World Tea Academy I learned to appreciate the complexity of water and the significance for water in tea. I studied the process of water tasting during this programme and description of tastes of different waters. I started my tea blog ManwithaMug.com and have been a strong advocate for high quality water in tea.  

Over the past years I have become passionate for fitness and the role of hydration in the daily life. 

I was born in Germany, lived in the US (New York) and in Rome, Italy. I am currently working as the head of finance and administration for the United Nations World Food Programme in Myanmar. I am married to my wonderful wife Kristen and have two sons Lukas and Nico.

Michael Hemling: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final Project

After a verbal examine our candidates have to complete a final project before Certification. We asked Michael to look into the water and tea relationship and below you will find the results of his final assignment.

 Introduction to the final project

 The characteristics of tea and water – an overview

 The minerality of water in tea – the range of colors

 Distilled water in tea

 The contrast of minerals in the water

 Orientation (pH) of water and effect on tea

 The world of hot – fine water and fine tea

 The world of cold – cold brew and sparkling tea

 The world of food – tea and water pairings


Wrap up